It’s been a very strange world for the last few weeks.  None of us anticipated a global health pandemic, businesses being forced to close and the whole world going into lockdown.  Many businesses took the decision to hide from social media – posts dried up completely from some previously active accounts.

We all have competitors and we all have customers.  If our customers can’t see any activity from us, they’ll think that we no longer exist and head over to our competitors.

It looks like we’re now entering the “wake up” phase of lockdown.  It’s time to get your business back and functioning.  Get back on your social media channels and blogs  – and use them to show your clients what you’re up to!

If you’re preparing your work space for your staff to return whilst respecting social distancing, show us how you’re doing it, what adaptations you’ve made, what kit you’ve invested in.    It will help to build trust, as well as demonstrating that you understand social distancing and care for your team.

Show the world how you’re working and how your business respects social distancing guidelines.  The best example I’ve seen of this is from photographer Stuart James of Emotive Eye.  Stuart was asked to take some headshots during lockdown – not only did he oblige but he documented how the shoot was conducted, all from a safe distance – and yes, the end result is a professional headshot that you’d never know was done on someone’s driveway!


So, in closing, my top 3 tips for social media during lockdown:-

  1. Be present. Keep in touch with your audience at all times
  2. Show the world how you’re working and what changes you’re putting in place to enable this
  3. Tell, don’t sell. It’s all about your story – not sell sell sell!

How are you adapting your business to life after lockdown?


Image credit:  Stuart James, Emotive Eye