Well, I survived the first week! Life threw some (very pleasant) curveballs and challenges my way during Week 1 but I managed to stick to the plan, not fall off the wagon, stay focused and do what needed to be done. Yes, I’m as surprised by that as you, dear reader …….  

This morning was my first official weigh-in, admittedly not ideal after a networking breakfast, but I braved those magical digital scales and lo and behold I’ve lost 1.5lbs.  To some, that may not sound a lot but if you think that there are 8 sausages to the pound, in effect I’ve lost 12 of the porky buggers!

And let’s not even mention that right up until midnight on 8th September I was enjoying a veritable selection of cheeses, pork scratchings, beer and confectionery!

Five things I’ve discovered this week:

  • homemade hummus is the best thing ever!
  • Frozen fish (not the chip shop variety) – who knew?!
  • It is possible to stay on plan when I visit my fab mum
  • Herbalife Café Latte Shakes are genuinely delicious!
  • Wholemeal rice and pasta are not the Devil’s work

At the time of writing, it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m seriously beginning to think that I’ve been cloned.  I’ve already planned the weekend menus and ordered my shopping online (no giving in to those Jaffa Cakes on offer if I’m not walking round the supermarket!)

I think the main difference “this time round” is that unlike the regimes of Weight Watchers and Slimming World, I’m not one of many in a room, waiting to be weighed, spoken to and sent on my way.  Working with Simply Nutrition, I’m receiving continual personal coaching and support from Andy and the Simply Nutrition WhatsApp Group – not just waiting for that one meeting a week and feeling a bit like a deflated sheep at the end of it. 

A real first for me is that when I got home from this morning’s weigh-in, I didn’t head to McDonalds or the biscuit tin for a “treat”.   It was business as usual and straight back on the plan.

It was a Summer Berries kind of day today!

So, I’ll leave you with 5 top tips to help you, if you feel inspired to get healthier and change your eating habits for the better:

  • Keep a food diary and be VERY Honest with what you’re consuming
  • Weigh out your rice and pasta. I’ve been cooking (and eating) enough for a family of 6 …… when I’m only a one!
  • Plan ahead when it comes to your meals
  • Make a shopping list – and stick to it
  • Don’t skip breakfast, but choose wisely

To find out more about Simply Nutrition Lichfield head to
https://www.simplynutrition.online/ . They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll update again towards the end of the week. Thanks for reading and please feel free to add your comments, tips and observations below.