Social Media Workshops

“My team learnt a great deal from the social media course that you put on for us. Your style of teaching helped everyone to learn and we all came away feeling much more confident” – Nicola Kent, Staffordshire County Council


Getting your staff onside when it comes to your business social media presence can be an incredibly smart move.

With a choice of “boxed” workshops to choose from, or something written specifically for your business needs, a group session will ensure that all of your team are singing from the same hymn sheet and following the core values of your business.


Social Media Workshops

Whether you decide to make several members of staff Admins on your Facebook Page to share the daily posts, or maybe you want your individual team members to work their LinkedIn presence in your favour, a workshop will ensure that they have the knowledge and time management skills to optimise your business – as well as the understanding why social media plays such an integral role in modern business.

NB:  I would also highly advise that if you have a team working for you, you really ought to think about a Social Media Policy, as part of your HR Policies & Procedures.  I am happy to connect you to an HR professional who can assist you with this. 

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